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Brand Design For Creatives is both a practical guide and an inspirational book about brand design. It proposes a reflection on the universe of color combinations, as well as the moods and atmospheres they evoke.

  • How to create a harmonious color palette which is right for your
  • How to make a brand board.
  • How to create an inspiration board.
  • Which photo style is right for your business’ field and target group.
  • Which font is best for your website and banners.

And, of course, there are plenty of other practical tips to help you create an amazing design EVERY DAY, both at work and home.

Brand Design blog 

How to style your brand, using color psychology and simple tricks

Brand Design, Brand Styling & Color Psychology In Business – how to choose the right color palette, and visuals for a harmonious brand board.

Colors For Creatives - all about visual brand design and color psychology in branding

Colors For Creatives is aimed at small business owners, marketers, and design students, this website is both a practical guide and a source of inspiration. It introduces and reflects upon the nature of color combinations, the moods and atmospheres they evoke, and how we associate particular places and emotions with unique color palettes.

It shares with you the secrets behind using color to create a dynamic connection, patterns and illustrations to add personality, and carefully-selected typefaces to add a notable edge to your designs.

We’ll explore how to pull all of these elements together to create a striking and cohesive design that people will love.

We also talk a lot about color psychology and the meaning of colors in business. You will learn how different colors affect us subconsciously. Also, learn to know the symbolism of colors for you to make successful decisions. Remember to pay attention to cultural views on different colors, for instance, red, white, and black can have very different meanings in West and East.

However, I want to remind you that every color can be used to create a beautiful and cohesive color palette, as long as you pay attention to the value of the color.